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Огромное спасибо. Наш рейс в Милан Мальпенса задержали на пересадке, но благодаря профессионализму сотрудников Milan Holidays все были предупреждены! Машина ждала нас на выходе! Без вопросов и недовольных мин, наоборот мы, смогли, наконец, расслабиться! От всей души хочу выразить благодарность компании Milan Holidays за профессиональный подход и качество предоставленных услуг. Благодаря вам показали маме Альпы. Отдельная благодарность водителю Сергею за терпение и внимание.

Ездим семьей в Италию в третий раз, но впервые использовали трансфер — не ожидали, что все настолько комфортно!

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Жена даже заволновалась в какой-то момент, что не надо думать о расписаниях и транспорте. Брали три трансфера: Огромное спасибо! The bed linen are very good. The concierge was extremely kind and helpful.

Great value for money.

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We had an excellent stay of 2 nights, a family of 7 in 3 rooms. The rooms were large with balconies, clean, well furnished. Beds very comfortable.

The bathroom had amenities, and good quality bathtowels. Only thing, we found the shower was very small for some reason, but still, worked very well!

And the rooms were NOT overheated!!! The staff were all very friendly and helpful. There was a free Shuttle from the Airport to the Hotel and vice versa.

When we wanted to catch a train into Milan Centre, they were kind enough to drive us to the station also. They even helped us order takeaway for dinner! Lovely gentlemen on the Reception Desk. The surrounds of the Hotel were pleasant and the town itself very charming.

We had a lovely breakfast in the basement breakfast room, there was enough to satisfy everyone. The town of Cardano had plenty of restaurants, pizzerias and cafes, all within walking distance. We truly thought it was a beautiful town at night once the lights lit it up. There were even restaurants that delivered to the Hotel, which came in very handy.

We had coffee at a nearby coffee shop, the name I cannot place, but it was owned by Sicilians I believe, who were very friendly and kind to us.

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